AWE EU 2023 to take place in the hometown of SQUARS for the first time

SQUARS visited the AWE USA 2023 in Santa Clara earlier this year and now the AWE EU is coming to Vienna, Austria. Spoiler alert - we won’t need to travel!

SQUARS at the AWE EU 2023

We are excited to welcome the Augmented World Expo EU 2023 in our hometown! After a successful demonstration of our latest Image Tracking, Shape Target and CloudAR technologies at AWE USA 2023 in Santa Clara, we are preparing something special to showcase for the upcoming European edition. And surely we won’t miss the opportunity to invite the members of the AWE XR community to our office and share some local Viennese tips & tricks with them.


What is the AWE?

The Augmented World Expo (AWE) is a series of conferences and exhibitions devoted to the world of extended reality (XR). Solution providers of every scale can showcase their technologies to a broad audience, including end-users, investors, creators, developers, and brands. AWE helps to maintain the thriving XR ecosystem by providing a unique opportunity to share solutions for XR companies, explore the industry through the eyes of other key players, and meet like-minded enthusiasts to advance the XR community and further technological progress.

Our SQUARS team at AWE USA 2023
Our SQUARS team at AWE USA 2023


AWE holds the annual Auggie Awards recognizing the achievements in the XR industry and sharing the knowledge acquired throughout the years with the help of speakers’ insights on the current trends in the industry. We ourselves had an amazing opportunity to officially announce the launch of SQUARS on the Enterprise track of AWE EU in 2022, where Markus Meirhofer, SQUARS’ Head of Business, presented our company and platform. The following year we changed the track to Retail, E-commerce and Advertising but didn’t break the speed. Ioana Carp, SQUARS' Brand Strategist, gave a speech on Why advertising with AR sucks" and brought up interesting arguments on why AR should be seen as a channel to simplify the execution of a creative idea.


Unlocking AR possibilities

We’re fascinated by the areas of AR implementation and have been aiming to uplift its reception and enhance its influence with a little help from SQUARS. During our latest endeavours, we were exploring creative solutions to showcase our AR technology and the capabilities of our platform and the results outshined our expectations. Our curiosity unlocked the potential of blending two realities and developed into something we’d like to share. And what’s a better place to demonstrate the fetus of our work and collaborations with talented and progressive AR enthusiasts than at the AWE?


Be it art, FMCG, tech or any other type of product, spicing up your communication with immersive storytelling is certainly beneficial. 

SQUARS is the WebAR solution that helps you to create unique augmentation for your product. Our vision is to be the platform for the best inter-reality experiences in the transition beyond 2D screens. We strive to enable everyone to dive into the immersive world of AR without the need for devices, applications, or prior coding knowledge.

No matter how complex your idea is, simplify, measure and scale with us. As smooth as that!



Be our guest and stop by booth no. 249! We will be happy to take you on board and answer any questions! How does it go - talented people are talented everywhere? After trying on a barista’s role at the AWE USA in Santa Clara, we’re keeping the momentum and going to surprise you with some chocolatier skills. Trust us, you don’t want to miss that!

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