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How technology has shifted Sandra's art? And why do you need to steal in order to gain? All answers are uncovered below in our nice chat with the talented artist Sandra Neuditschko. Read about Sandra's art and her stand on technological development now.

Discover the limitless world of Augmented Reality, where storytelling takes a new dimension.


Artists channel the power of images to craft captivating narratives and evoke strong emotions within us. A powerful image can instantly take you on a visual journey into a completely new reality. What if we transformed these images even further with Augmented Reality?

Discover more with our series Start with an Image.

Now, sit back, relax, and explore the world through the eyes of another talented artist from Vienna. 

Meet Sandra Neuditschko

Sandra is a freelance illustrator from Austria who specializes in map and food illustrations. She lives in Krems with her husband and young son and loves to spend time cooking, drawing, and doing photography. In her own words, she's "an OK photographer, a good cook, and an excellent illustrator." 

Sandra was a "typical creative child" who started picking up pencils and trying to draw on paper at a young age. The artist developed a passion for drawing really early on and an affection has become only stronger over the years.

sandras portrait_cropped-1

Influences and Style

Sandra has never really needed external motivation for drawing. It's the only thing she feels secure about and enjoys doing. Her motivation comes from the urge to turn everyday experiences into a creative outlet of hers. Her curiosity pushes the boundaries of the ordinary and helps her to find inspiration in details.

Sandra started with the watercolor painting but later on, after discovering the skillshare class "Inky Maps" by Tom Froese in 2018, the artist switched to digital art and prioritized her love of maps. Bright colors, attractive massive objects, and cartoonish depictions turn every country into an imaginary playground. Or parted into beautiful pieces of the illustrated puzzle. There are many artistic areas that Sandra is curious to discover and put her own interpretation on.  

Creation of the Map
Creation of the Map
South Korea Map Client Final V01_NL
The Map created by Sandra


Inspiration and Devotion

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" - Pablo Picasso. Sandra believes there's the truth in these words. But the whole meaning of them hides in the absolute devotion to your art and dedication to hard work. Through many attempts, the artist can discover his unique style and seal it in the movements of his or her hands. 

Working long hours and mastering, how does Sandra maintain her desire to create more? This journey is full of unpredictable turns and surprises on the way. Like all artists, Sandra faced the phase when she was not sure what to draw, or where to take the ideas from. That's how the idea of the personal artistic project "Map Out the World" was born and since then has become an ongoing source of inspiration.  

Creating art is the only thing I can do and feel super secure about.




The Road to an AR-powered Map 

While book illustrations start with a brief from a client and idea concepts of coherent images for all art pieces, the map first requires a profound research of the chosen geographical area. The first step is sketching all the objects with no colors in mind. Pure creative flow that leads the way to the key visuals. The second step is choosing three to five main colors for the piece and starting with the coloring process. The third and final one is the actual illustration of the map and working on, finding the best artistic solutions.

And when it's the time to put pencils down? Well, the time is right when the "5 meters from the screen" test is passed. Does it look coherent and appealing? If the answer to these questions is "yes", Sandra decides to finalize trees and greens. And that's the end and a new beginning - a sign to set art free to the public.

And the time for SQUARS to apply a captivating layer of digital augmentation on top of the Map to turn it into an AR-powered Map. The goal was to make the map more informative and useful. And that's how the idea of illustrating three main tours came to mind. By pointing your phone to the map and scanning the QR code, you're immediately getting access to the Foodie, Historical, and National Park Tours. Pretty informative and useful upgrade for the average physical map, right? 


image 1
The augmentation of the Map
image 2
The augmentation of the Map
image 3
The augmentation of the Map


Enhancing Art with Technology and AR

Sandra believes that technology has the power of transformation. Like her art transformed from watercolor painting into digital art, technology is changing the way we perceive things all around us. And Augmented Reality is the best example of that. Art can be complemented with it and things just become easier. All of a sudden, a map gives much more than you could imagine.  

The artist brought another important sphere that can be significantly improved with technology - education. The way we share information with students and spark interest in them can be supported by Augmented Reality and alter our educational system. That's a good place to start.

It's just easier to understand things with Augmented Reality.



Start with an Image  

Are you ready to step into the realm of immersive storytelling? The canvas is yours, the tools are at your fingertips, and the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and start crafting your very own AR-powered story.

The ones who dare to explore the roads unknown make a change and reach for the stars. The time has come to embrace new ways and transform your art with AR.

All you need is an image to begin with.


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